Fast, Efficient and Stable – Key Requisites!

The Blade 12 (we also produce a 14m vessel) is an established favourite with many of the customers who have bought and run these commercial vessels over the years. We are now in the process of evolving the series to enhance the efficiency with our ultimate goal to produce a vessel that is not only fast but will ultimately run …

Baby Blade 6m Fisher

Baby Blade is perfect for fishing and leisure. She is fast and more stable than monohulls. At Blade Marine we customise the boats to the client’s requirements.

Blade Marine – Designing in Efficiency

Blade Marine is set to enter new arenas with the establishment of our R & D facility which we are calling Zero Marine: The vessels have a proud history of providing their owners with fast and efficient workboats and ferries but the Team are going to introduce the experience derived from the international powerboat racing. We will introduce advanced technologies …

Fast – Stable – Efficient

Our vessels are manufactured to the highest standards with exceptional stability in challenging seas. Watch this video of the vessel in a 3-6m sea in a delivery run across the North Sea   The incredible economy achieved is testimony to the design. For further information please contact us